Internationally acclaimed retro pinup model and actress Amanda Lee, play’s Andromeda Jones, Captain of the Space Ranger vessel Venture Horizon. The multi talented Amanda also plays bass, and sings with the renowned rockabilly band, Pat Roberts and the Heymakers. Amanda’s previous film projects include the shorts Her Big Night, and The Pinup and the Poltergeist for Atomic Age Pictures.


Veronica Kelly is a 23-year-old homeschooled daughter of zoologist parents. They have returned to the United States after a 12-year research trip in Africa, settling in Phoenix, AZ and had Veronica attend public school for the first time. She joined the mathletes, plastics, drama club and became homecoming queen. After high school she pursued her career in pin-up modeling and stage acting. Space Rangers will be her first movie appearance.


Lana Flynn is a rehabilitated jewel thief turned actress. After getting her start in depression era Los Angeles through her distant cousin Errol, Lana resorted to jewel thievery when she was blackballed from Hollywood. After a heist went bad, she hid inside the walk in freezer of the local Bob’s Big Boy and wasn’t heard from for over 60 years. Space Rangers is Ms. Flynn’s return to the big screen.

 Leroy 2

Leroy is a stage, film and telephone actor noted for such beloved roles as Benedick, Guy in Liquor Store, and Chris from Nordstroms. He is also a Zonie award winning Theater designer on the side.