What is Space Rangers?


Space Rangers is a retro sci-fi web series from Atomic Age Pictures that follows the adventures of the Rangers as they patrol the outer reaches of known space, making it safe for settlers from Earth. Inspired by Sci-fi classics of the 1950’s, such as Destination Moon, and Forbidden Planet, Space Rangers is told in the manner of a Republic Serial, with a cliffhanger at the end of each episode.

Space Rangers stars world famous Pinup model Amanda Lee as Captain Andromeda Jones, Veronica Kelly as Weapons and Security officer Deni Fletcher and Lana Flynn as Navigator and Medic Audrey Wild.

This ambitious retro Sci-Fi project had fairly modest beginnings.  In fact Space Rangers originally began as a still photo shoot. “I wanted to do a ‘Space Girl’ themed shoot.”  explains Douglas Monce, Atomic Age Pictures President and CEO. “I later used photos from that shoot in postcards that I took to Phoenix Comic-Con to promote my business for shooting cosplay photography.  However everyone I handed the postcards to, asked when the movie was coming out. This response was so overwhelming that I finally realized that’s what we should be doing.”