Douglas is the award winning director of such films as Pinup and the Poltergeist, Her Big Night, and the black and white film noir Blackout. Working in the film industry for over 20 years, Douglas is also an experienced director of photography, having photographed such projects as the steampunk web series Mantecoza. Douglas’ film credits include The Quick and the Dead, Fear, The Secret Agent Club, and Sworn to Justice.


Amber got her start in film as a Logistics Coordinator for the steampunk web series Mantecoza and was soon promoted to First AD. She was also cast as Goon #1. Amber is the producer of advertising trailers for the novels ManicPixieDreamGirl, and The Gathering: End’s Beginning. Three years ago, she was brought into Atomic Age Pictures to produce the screening event for the feature film Blackout, and was asked to stay on as the producer of Space Rangers. An avid fencer, Amber obtained much of her producing skills through her work as a leader and top competitor in the Arizona Fencing community. She also learned these skills from her work as an ambassador and board member for The Ad Deum Foundation, a locally based international philanthropic organization. On a related note to her upbringing as a leader, Amber is proud to have been a girl scout for fifteen years, a feat rarely accomplished by young girls.


David is a two time Emmy Award winner with over 35 years of experience in the film industry in various aspects of visual effects and animation. David worked as a Visual Effects Supervisor on four Star Trek series: “The Next Generation,” “Voyager,” “Deep Space Nine,” and “Enterprise.” David championed the use of computer-generated imagery (CGI) for Star Trek, which completely changed how the visual effects are created for the shows. Prior to Star Trek, David created visual effects for a number of science fiction television series including “Buck Rogers,” “Battlestar Galacticia,” “The Flash,” “V” and “Intruders.”

Kenneth 2

After 30 years in the corporate world Kenneth has found his calling. A suggestion by his oldest son sent him to a meeting and when he left he was the Construction Manager for the Voyage Trekkers web series. This award winning series led to other projects-Space Rangers a web series currently in production, and two short movies “Matinee” and “Faith”. His current day job is shop foreman at the Performing Arts Center at Glendale Community College.